Life lately has been so much fun. Here is what’s been going on via my iPhone.

Movie premiers with good friends. Easter with friends and family. Lots more running than usual - I’m running a 10k on Sunday! Eek! I’m excited that I can actually run 6.2 miles. I’m going to try hard to keep this up and get used to running frequently. I love the feeling I get while running/after running. It really helps me to clear my head and forget about what’s going on my life. Anyway…San Francisco for little D’s 2nd birthday was such a fun trip. Big Bear for the weekend with old friends and new friends was the perfect getaway. And fun with friends in the rest of my spare time has been quite delectable. 

As per usual, life is dandy and I am so grateful for the wonderful friends and family I have to surround me. Life would be dull without their company. 

xo, Lulu

PS - Can you believe it is May? I’m starting to get that feeling like time is passing so quick that Summer will be over before I even realized that it started…

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